‘Kate walked out in a wicked saffron satin suit to an explosion of clicks and flashes. There was nothing more intoxicating than the high of feeling thin and exquisite on a Paris runway.’

It looks like Kate Temple’s career is made when she wins the contract of exclusive model at the venerable Parisian fashion house Vaubelle. And when she falls in love with Roe, the hard-hitting American who is going to drag Vaubelle into the 1990s, Kate thinks IMG_7007she’s in for the romance of a lifetime. Beautiful. Confident. Determined. Kate is everything a successful model should be. But is this just a facade?

Glamour and ambition. Greed and jealousy. Love and sex. A fresh and funny novel about the international world of modelling by a real insider.




The Game

It was one of those rare perfect July afternoons with a flawless white-blue sky and temperatures burning into the high eighties. For almost three house the players had been battling it out for a place in Wimbledon history – to have their names immortalised in gold-embossed letters on the championship board.

It looks like Lauren Kendall has it all when her husband wins the Men’s Singles Championships at Wimbledon. But everything’s about to go horribly wrong – and Lauren isn’t the only one whose life will be turned upside down.  IMG_7011

Set against the thrilling, closely knit world of professional tennis, full of characters you’ll fall in love with, The Game is a book you won’t put down till you’ve read the last page.

Who’s been Sleeping in My Bed?

He let himself into the garden flat, carefully wiping his shoes before stepping on to the polished pin-stripped floor. For a moment he allowed the morgue-like hush to sweep over him, poised, alert, as if he didn’t trust what his ears conveyed, then gently closed the door. Immediately, the faint high-pitched bleep of the alarm broke the silence. The hall was lit only by a shaft of orange street-light and in the semi-darkness he stumbled and almost fell over a chair. ‘Shit,’ he whispered, quickly rubbing his knee, but pressing forward – urgently – until he had reached the small panel box concealed in a cupboard, and punched the code. Instantly the shrill noise ceased and he stood there in the darkness, conscious of a tingling sensation spreading along the back of his shoulders.

If you sold luxury properties for a high-end estate agency in trendy Notting Hill and you lived in a dump in Kensal Rise and there was a girl you wanted to impress, you might be tempted to use the homes you were selling as your own.

This is what Martin does. Pretends to be someone he is not. For Martin is in search of an identity and he’s prepared to risk his job for it. Until one day a body turns up in a flat that has Martin’s prints all over it and he finds himself caught in a chain of events that has terrible consequences.

This sexy, sassy thriller set in today’s London is as compulsive and contemporary a read as you could wish for.


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